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you have something on your chin...

santa cruz is a strange place. i've met some of the most random types of people while living here. while standing in line with a friend at the downtown taco bell for 45 minutes so she could get her friends food there was a young guy behind us that kept saying "faggot". after the fourth or fifth time of him saying it i finally turned around and yelled at him to stop using that word! it offends me. but there are a million other words that i just want to yell at the top of my lungs to stop using.

i understand that communication gives way to our language being a living entity. i understand that we add newness to our lexicon every day. i've made it a point to make fun of all of these seemingly unintelligent people i'm constantly finding myself around by using phrases like, btw and jk and omg. because as silly as that all sounds (i use quite the tone) i don't think i sound as ridiculous as when these people say, hella. its the one horse that should die.

i hate what our youth has done to the queen's language.

in other news.

i'm in love.

yet again. strangely i think this one might last. but why don't i stick to things i know more about.

omg..i almost forgot.
she is hella cute.

that's stupid.
but she is cute btw.

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