Danyel (gandp_oz) wrote,


i am at a loss for words. they are in there. deep inside. but to reach for them is a struggle. not because i can't see them. but because i know they will burn when i touch them. i act all surprised. i'm not. i'm just tired. i'm sick of people telling me how amazing they think i am but never being good enough for them.

i'm so annoyed with the same conversation. i can't be your friend. you can be friends with your exes. great. i can't. barely. kirsten is a different person now and although i have all those memories from that relationship that person doesn't exist anymore. elijah and i are friends but its still different. i haven't talked to jen in 8 years. stef i only talk to in a blue moon and there was a kid involved in that one. so. yeah. you lose your best friend. and you will deal with it just fine. you will fall in love with someone else. and they can or cannot be your best friend. and you or will not realize that i was the best thing that ever happened to you. and i will or will not move on. but in the end. we will not be friends.

i know i got what i needed. i got what i deserved. that doesn't have to be considered a bad thing.

it just hurts.

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